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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 6, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[cheering and applauding] >> cheers and tears in manhattan. sa man is spending the first night as free man. johnny hincapie broke down as the judge overturned his convicts. dari: he maintained innocent all along. zachary is here with more detail on the release. hi, zachary. reporter: that is right f. here than 2200 murders in 1990 that haze the city on edge. it represented a city unglued. there were a number of suspects taken into custody in the high-poe fail case. one in the actual stabbing. others were considered accomplices.
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applauding] >> reporter: there were tears of joy,s so maybe a little dispe leaf. johnny hincapie released after 25 years behind bars. his first words to me: >> i came to realize once i but the bitterness behind me, that compassion was even more powerful. shame on all of those individuals that had imagine who have happened to me. i for dif them. reporter: huddled between flashing light and cameras, today was the day johnny had been dreaming of. tree on bail after veffing a mu trial. the judge cited new evidence and new testimony. his father, car hos. >> i say, you know, the hardest thing that ever happ pend in our lives. reporter: in 1990, his son was a 17-year-old young man, perhaps in the wrong place at the wrong time. when utah tourist was stabbed and killed hope subway platform as he geneed if his appearance from attackers, it
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real problems then city. hincapie saying he was cohearsed into making a false confession. >> i owe tremendous love, gratefulness to these two individuals. reporter: john think tound the break he was look for four fall year ago. the former chairman of the parole board believed the store he ap tracked done the witnesses to pull together. >> something about what he was telling me that, you know, made me feel he was telling the truth, and so i, and i had his family. i said, look, i never dealt with overturned conviction but i will hook into it. 25 years. johnny says you don't make up for time like that. as he walked bound the street, smelt the fresh air, looked up at the sky. it all started to sink in. i have plans of my own. i have to see how feasible they are boeing the world changed after so long. >> prosecutor ares will have the opportunity to appeal today's ruling,
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but dari, obviously, a very, very emotional situation throughout tonight. dari: without a doubt. zachary, thank you. thu video, are the nypd the man wanted in the killing of aide to governor cuomo. so far police have not made any arrestp the shooting death of a 43 year old lawyer in governor cuomo's administration. tattily shot on labor day in crown heights and he was, apparently, caught in the crossfire of rival gangs during a sell operation that lead up to the west ind quinn day parade. a 2-year-old girl in crit can condition after she and two pedestrians were truck by suv in queens. skyfoxhd over the scene nar the corner of atlantic avenue and 108th street in richmond hill, that is where the police say the suv ran red height, jumped the sidewalk, hit another car and struck three pedestrians killing one of hem. steve: a pastor in new jersey faced a judge today after allegedly pointing a gun at the
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he pleaded not guilty of aggravated assault for pointed unloaded at the boy and threatening to soot him. it happened that he catholic church. reverend carter says he was simply joking with the child because they are fans of rival football teams. >> i know, that he and his family, came into the rectory on september 13th, to have some good-natureed fun about a football game was going to take place later that night. steve: now in addition to peaking priest for 30 years. carter has been chap line the little ferry and jersey city police departments if. sky with a shooting in proo k are in this morning. arthur chi'en tells us a man tried to stop a group of car thieves in east williamsburg and paid with his life. >> mush was his nickname according to friends. the father of two dares was oh alsoly michael and had a passion for cars. finding the trio breaking in the car this
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him being shot dead. >> tried opening the door. i tried to see inside what they had. they went toward his car and he came outside and i am assuming confronted them and the guy pulled out a gun and just, you know, shoot him. he was shot in the torso outside of this sheet metal job he got two days ago and pronounced dead at the scene. crime scene units dusted car after car dune row to pull fingerprints. surveillance videos show three suspects answer digs to another man, a coworker was also shot as well as 13-year-old girl down nicker bocker evidence whit a stray bullet on the way to school. >> the events in the precinct are an active investigation as you may expect at this junk ture, and we do not have suss ects per say other than the witnesses who gave us the information about the three individuals who we believe were involved. >> many amongst those on the block who have known the victim a long time
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they call an honest man. >> he was just trying to survive and pay his bills, you know, take care of the cars, insurance, all of that, you know? >> arthur chi'en, tox 5 news. a deadly blessing plosion in bureau park, brooklyn, may have been intentionally t. they believe it happened after stove was removed were a gas line that was not prop arely disconnected. the gas had been shut where the investigators think the blast happened. the police now looking into what something other than gas caused explosion which killed two people. >> he we're hearing from the wife of one of the miss ming crewmember ms in the car doe ship that sank near the bahamas last week during hurricane joaquin. 50 year old howard shownly grew up in east rockaway, and was engineer on the ship. while his wife, karen, released a statement today saying her husband "took great pride in being her chant may roan and the most vibrant colorful person, so full of life.
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giving up any home hope, though t. the ntsb has launched the investigation. we will be look at every paperwork trail. we will be looking at all the activities and any records we have. >> well, the shop's owner says the captain tried to avod the storm but mechanical problems left the ship at the mercy of 50-foot waves in about 140 miles per hour winds, 33 crewmembers were aboard, so far, only one body has been recovered. >> the giant is a lot more than usual. the teams confirm that tight end has mrsa and take steps to preent have it from scrubbing by spreading done the entire train fag cyclelity. the fox says the ac terrial infection is hard to treat. >> this is a bug that evolved over time because we took so many antibiotics and note it is very smart. it doesn't go away. so you can have a superficial staph infection in the skin, but if it gets to the bloodstream, the wons or anything like to. you could have a major problem.
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>> he is being treated for ankle condition when he was discovered he has staph infection. he will miss the remainder of the season. mets' ace no-show today. the team got in the final workout before heading west to make the first postseason appearance since 2006. harvey whose agent is takenned with the team in the press over aa limit apologized to coaches for the latest distraction. >> i screwed up, so there is not any thick else to say. they know what happened. i told everybody and apologized to everybody and told them, it is mo going to happen again. >> harvey scheduled to start game three at city field next monday. the mets opened against the dodgers in l.a. on friday. >> draft kingance the fan dual are two of the biggest names infancy sports. matt king, though, explain doctors they are being rocked tonight by allegations of cheating. >> this is fact sy as usual. this is draft king. >> reporter: on dally
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fantasy sites. real humans pay real money assemble a fake team against real play he years with which competes other fake teams. the combination things real players who collectly post about stats in the one week of of real games within the approximately's top prizes. a savvy draft kens employee can see which were select and how of tep on the company's site then use that that information to select players he felt were were under owned on competing daily pant sy site like fan dual. new york times compared to insider trading but the comparison does not quite fit bus they fill of unpredibble himes and unpredictable conditions but it would seem to represent advantage over others. >> there are many repercussion and a push to have greater legislation on the tral and state level around the pant sy sports and certainly going ton crease. >> the sports write experts sponsors and venture capitalist to reexamine the involvement with the sites.
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draft king examined records of those accessing the data is about and internal and believes the individual who won that money on fan dual only reviewed draft keng's ownership data preventing him from using the end sider information the advantage. both draft keng and fan dual banned from playing in any daily fantasy games anywhere and issued a joint statement posted. there is nothing here important than the inning think of games we of forethe customers. both companies have strong policies in flies ensure that gleam cos not misuse any information at their disposal and strictly limit access to company dat to only those with require it do their jobs. momentees with access of the dat are rig housley monitored by internal trade control teams and no evidence that anyone has host used it. i am matt king. "fox 5 news." >> to be continued. all right. >> 30 minute not enough. if you get that in to begin with. how ach new study says we really actually need. dari: as if lions are
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not crowded enough. how would you like rose of passengers sitting over your need the wild
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dari: well, he has coached everyone from ser lean in williams and even president clinton. >> tony robbins helping every day people find financial security. allison with the advice. reporter: tony robin pis one ef this most easily recognizable life coaches in the world. he has made a living getting people out of their seats and get their lives moving. >> who has failed missbly? reporter: in the latest book "money: master the game "he chase lauren buffet, carl eye kopp, steve forbes for the
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keys to financial freedom. today, he dropped by fox 5 to share secrets which are simpler than you may think. >> the most important thing i learned from these people that is you have to know what things cost you. >> 401(k) thieves are eating away at most pom's hard-earned machine ty. he gives a frightening example. >> you are 35 years old. put it in the market and dot 8% at 65, that 100 thousand. you have 1% in thieves, $7,361,000. if you paid 3% in fees, it is $432,000. has part thed with american best and has site sew me the free to help people figure out what they are pay and what the options are. another secret. >> people don't real thigh don't get rich by making a ton of machine pi. the way he get money. we put machine no i work and building the save. and come pounding is the way you do that. if you give up a night out of the week and save $50 in stead. that $50 a week, you
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know, done over a crear, multiplied by 10% over 30 years got halfle m. >> don't have any money invested yet. robben has two words four. >> stop being a consumer. become an owner. >> all right. also says start investing in not just using the products, it is one way you are going to grow your wealth. >> all right. uconn student from long island behalfing padley and like everything else was caught on camera. take look. take a look. (beep)? >> all right. this video goes off in find minutes. i actually watched the whole ting earlier today. sort of tough to look away. >> 19-year-old freshman argue within shoving a campus food court manager and had been trying to buy mac and cheese but denied service and had open alcohol. he god abusive with the staff verbally. eventually they tackleled nim then cops saw him out.
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>> that is intense. >> it is. >> it is. >> good viewing. t sound unpopular. in the works according to deadline. >> fox 21 television has teamed up with producers behind the lego movie in 21 jump street to develop the cable crime series bun stead of investigating the 1999 murder of a maryland high school senior then new tv show will focus on different case. word on when it will air owing. the half-hour workout you try to do every day may not be enough to poe tect your heart. linda schmidt shows us you may want to spend two hours a chain gym if you want to get the maximum benefit. >> okay. we about v been hear sog long that 30men mass day t. that is what is good for us. now the latest study is saing we need at least 60 to 90 minutes ada. as you can imagine for some people. that is flat-out discourage.
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>> it is a big commitment. >> people are busy. >> i can see how some guys say they don't have much time for that. >> well, a new study concludes not only do we need to exercise more often, we also need increase the intensity of our workouts. researches reviewed 12 studies involving more than 3,770,000 men and women over 15 years and discovered that the 30 minute a day moderate exercise guidelines issued by the american heart association are not substantial enough to reduce your risks of heart disease. cardiologist dr. susan which is lenox hill hospital and agrees with the study. we know exercise that high tins ty, it is high intensity intervals, that debt your heart rate up, might, in fact, be what the doctor ordered. that walking may not be enough. >> experts say, the most important part of your workout is increasing the heart rate even if it is in short purses while exercising.
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>> and canes personal train we're new york sports club. >> it can be something as simple as a short five minute run during a strength draining workout going back and forth and something as simple as jumping jacks or jumping rope. anything that is going to elevate the heart rate open it is a short period of time for one to four mince sp. the bottom line is, doctors say it is not just the time, it the intensity that helps to revent heart disease. and linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." >> i am not putting in the time or the in bees ty. >> two hours a day. >> that is unrealistic. >> yeah. >> yeah. well, it could be the most terrifying ride of your life. next we go en side the new york of course newest halloween attraction. they call it the red light robinhood. we love this guy. see what else turned red when he made the dice
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see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm yoplait this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man they built the golden gates and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here.
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or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough the stuff doers do... to keep us all doin' what we do. dari: it always feels like life is race aring so you know before you know it, halloween will be here. >> how about taking a haunted hayride. we love hay rides. we love haunted houses. let's put tem together. dari: thrown hay. reporter: just dress
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it is chilly out there looking for the perfect group activity this halloween. consider hopping on hay with 30 of the closest friends and just pray none of tem are scared of cloud clowns. >> don't afraid. reporter: after popular run are in los angeles, the haunted hayride is coming to new york city. i am on randall's island right now getting a behind the scenes look. i think they have been waiting for awhile and we're ready to give them a good show. wonderfulle big tee at try call production with a bunch of different horrors and 34 minute ride in total. >> what makes randall. >> 's island the perfect creepy backdrop for a hawned hayride. >> ah aids mag history. there used to be a mental hospital that shut down, so i think this there is a lot of weird energy out here for sure. i can feel it already. >> we we're entering the classic clown ten. this this is the fan taff rites in los angeles for several year
10:23 pm
i don't know what it is. >> i don't know what it is. >> oh. gosh. that was. i was not expecting that.
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>> i was truly scared. >> so if you don't like clowns you may have a chance to redeem yourself in front of the theme on the ride. it costs $335 person and is open 7:00 7:00 to 11:00 most nights in october and of course the 31st. >> the walk dead put together. >> yeah. >> a little rocker punk >> abc lootly. >> on television, things don't usually translate that which. >> that was scary just watching it. >> i am glad. >> it was. we know a limitless appetite for all things halloween now. >> all right. >> good. thank you. >> thank you. long island's red light robinhood sounding off against the dreaded red light cameras. >> remove the cameras. abon done this program. lives have been lost. all right. his passionate plea to take them down and why he how to has the ears of lawmakers who
10:25 pm
actually do something about it. >> celebration in be there butte of john lennon's upcoming 75th birthday how thousands joined in central park. finally. on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. at cigna dot comr slash take control. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot.
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that's the dd commitment.
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dari: they call hem the red light robinhood after he tampered with the red light cameras now taking the fight before lawmakers. all right. he is not the only one fight. lots of people say they are nothing but a a-ny grabber. here is jody goldberg. remove the cameras. aupon in the program. lives have been lost. >> it is heated and demand change. steven known as red light robbery inhood for the stunt tampering with red light cameras earlier this year spoke before the legislature today. he is arguing the cameras do more harm than good. >> the county hid behind the facade of safety and could not make the ref ture and decided to show it. >> this is the least the are ry behind the red light camera are program thatle now has some lawmakers questioning inconsistency. >> red light cameras were tinned for safety sures with fining out
10:28 pm
more and more that that may not the case right now. has becoming more of a opinion ny grab more than a safety sure. >> minimum criteria. >> tech hector found what he sayses the contract with xerox. the company that maintains the red light cameras. acotowing contract had minimum number before he tickets required. 25 tech kets are issued in 16 hp hour period and the county will need pay. >> so the counties giving xerox full acor ty to run this entire row seed dure. but for their port, suffolk county says timing does rar ry with each location and has toes do with the torque state department of transportation guidelines in cruding the posted speed limb pit on each road dean passtive it? the county insist there is no quota. >> this is really just part of the contract that was set up with, with the contractor, so that they could are recoup some of their finances because of the fact they have had a heavy investment inputting the cameras. >> you by this if? if you don't break the law.
10:29 pm
won't get a ticket. to if you don't go through red light, you won't get a ticket. >> according to suffolk cop ty, last rear, rear end accidents the number involving injuries were both down 10 were. in hunting ton, jody goldberg, "fox 5 news." all right. we reach ared out to the department of transportation about those speed limit guidelines, but we have are not heard anything pack yet. >> hires something that drivers in new york and new jersey know too well. a thu report cleams drivers here account for almost one-third of all tols collectinged across the in tire country a total ef more than are 4 ball year. the report was released a the international bridge and tunnels at the new jersey turnpike authority and collecting a whopping where shall i cannot read this thing baits is so mind-boggling. $1.4 billion in toll revenue. incredible. dari: a new theater has opened up on the brooklyn waterfront. st. ann's warehouse, the performance art's organization converted
10:30 pm
precivil war tobacco warehouse ain't is gorgeous. right there. steve: that location. dari: fabulous. it is $25,000 square feet. it has state-of-the-art everything. and he is ready for world class artists. >> it is a very open flexible space that changes quite often depending on what the artist wants to do. >> i am going to make it down there. this is the first permanent home for st. ann's warehouse and it kicks can off and in the season november 6th with performance of henry the fourth. >> all right. time for on brand and off brand. thele daily look. on brand, paul mccartney breathing new life into old tune. the 1983 due wet michael jk son and features the different arrangement vocals were the "king of pop." keck that out.
10:31 pm
off brand. pasta rate. and what we saw with pizza rat t. this is off brand because here in nyc, we only respect rat wes know are hustling for living. >> that is a rich rat. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> too many already. >> yeah. on brand. yoko ono, today, the widow of the late john lennon celebrated what would have been the 75th pirth in an attempt to breaking the guinness world record of the largest human peace sim poll. was this, though. i withs a perfect day. cool event. she showed up so it was win-win. a cool event. >> great time. >> yeah. >> hanging in there. >> she spoke. with. >> cool f. so iconic. dari: awesome. tom hanks finds a fordham student's i.d. and takes to twitter to return it. see whatp happen machines the matt king lauren. >> right. she is famous now.
10:32 pm
stay competitive and to sift through the tweets and tooned the once you care about. >> have you checked out the new tox 5nybeater app that features forecasts and ser active radar and storm alert and downlooed the free app today and search fox 5 and weather in your i tune store or google play society thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all
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reporter: staying warm may not burn a hole in your pocket this winter. heating costs could drop as much as 25% compared to last wen ter. warmer weather period. well, the cost of heating a home could be falting, the price of buy one is rising a. new report saying home prices are up nearly 7% in august compared to the same month last year. those lower prices helping pump up one company. pepsico says while overall revenue dropped. sales at das station and convenience stores jumped 7 percent and some consumers are using the extra cash for snackance drinks. gas prices are down 30 finish a year ago. then most important meal of the day now available
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any time of the dy at mcdone ale. mcdone ails launching the much awaited all day break fast machine u on tuesday so dreams do come ru. >> that is business, aim neil cavuto. >> le well, air travel could get rather awkward if one german aircraft manufacturer gets its way. airbus has reportedly filed for paint here in the u.s. for new seat deg sign. it sacks passenger on top of each other. the seats with woo recline and have stairs or ladders leaving them up. the companysies the seating design would work best in business class cabin because they don't have overstorage come apartments. >> the logical ex tension how everything is going. >> all right getting a second shot. >> the return comes can as twitter is trying something new. here is jessica. reporter: twitter is under pressure to lure more new users. twit we're has no been struck forked for while.
10:37 pm
the company add 2 million users last quarter bringing the monthly active users to 304 million. the smallest increase to date. the problem with twitter. if if it use it thresh content can become totally random. there is no editorrors human interaction that is actually going over all the content to meak iting it accessible. >> its hot that fun. honestly. >> the communication is lacking. >> the social media site is trying to do thing thises to invig rate the brand and the founder jack dorsey has returned. hes with officially named ceo and this came the sam day that twitter unveiled moments and meant to draw more new users and to deeply engage with existing ones. >> they have editors now that will go on and look at the most trending topics the most, there is the most interest and the most engagement aa wide range of issues in areas. >> earses cannot follow he certain moments to get continued updates and the service has partners with other
10:38 pm
media outlets like fox news and buzz feed and entertainment weekly to maim a few. >> i think it can really helpp enhancureses stek kins and i think you are authors has been using it for awhile that is getting board it could bring them back and new users that makes it feel powerful as news source. >> if there is more that in are tests ming away and have to spend a long time wasting time searching for it. the, yeah. >> peg,s say moments can change things around to twitter but if it doesn't. successful. it could be the last nail hen coffin for twitter. >> jessica, "fox 5 news." dari: well, one tweet from tom hanks now a lot of people are look far student from fordham. >> that is right. next, hill hareas noose touched off the search in what math m king found when he went to
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steve: a lucky fordham student may get to meet actor tom hanks. dari: well he found her i.d. and wants to return it. that is why.
10:41 pm
matt king went to fordham in search to find her as well. >> do you recognizer? >> no. i don't know guy. >> do not. >> no. no i don't. sorry. >> no. no, i ton. i saw her all over this facebook at 12:02 tuesday. tom hanks tweeted image of ford had university id belonging to a woman named lauren. >> i don't know lauren. >> we do not know lauren sh. >> to lauren, hanks wrote, lauren. i find a student i.d. in the park if you need it. my office will get it to to you. from those not humble beeng willingings began the great search of tuesday, october 6th. >> i have never seen this face. >> on-line, off-line through channels and official and unsanctioned. the city thought of lauren anoing where a lauren thought a way to get into the will beery. >> fo. >> no. >> the fordham be observe he belonged the i.d. belonged to a lauren whitmore the member of the glass of 2016 attending graduate
10:42 pm
school. >> we see her, we'll let her know was this this is exciting. >> while few gushed over the celebrity searcher, most of those graduate schoolle knew nothing of this supposed lauren. >> do you have any idea. >> no idea. >> where too studios. >> never knew what they were talking. >> or too important. >> i really cannot two. i am sorry or else i would. lauren whitmore, this studio dam zell maybe in distress and may be oblivious or worse eluded us. >> no. >> no. i did not. >> no. i heard about it, though. >> no. mo. no. >> i don't. >> sorry. >> all fordham student to whom we spoke confers to exxist without one's he campus i.d. was not to exist at all. >> why? times. >> yeah. or else you are screwed. >> when after dave search, lauren remeans midden there the public, a topic of information and sought by tom thanks a few admitted to feelings of jealousy.
10:43 pm
>> a fordham spokesman reports the school reached out to hank to arrange the return of the i.d. the mystery lawyer dn not wish to be interviewed. moose. >> it seems like with the internet now you. the pest thing to happen in yore life. >> i am a celebrity. >> throws pen fits. yeah. then theres the whole i.d. problems and everything else. >> yeah. >> the take backs from it. >> yeah. those are nice. >> yeah. >> for sure. >> another beautiful day today. meteorologist: oh my goodness, right. fantastic. we got another one tomorrow. just like today. sunshine. even middle 70's. we saw middle 70's today. we will see more of them tomorrow. that are we ended up today. the average high, the average high was above the average of 67 but there in the low ballpark but talking about milder temperatures for lows tomorrow morning. 90 and 36 on the records.
10:44 pm
the order los are getting down there now. 6:58. sunrise sets a at 6:30. a few clouds the first part of the morning to. 66 now. the air is dry. the wind is calm. the skies clear and except a little bit of scattered high clouds that push and rising. those high clouds are not producing any precipitation. we're dry as fox 5 conerm ifs to us tonight. he with are dry this friday afternoon. all right. 70 he a across the area today. a couple of cooler spots. mon still low, 66 there but jersey shore at 72 and 75 at newark. low 70's to islip. then upper 60's to the east end. 50's way now. prigport hanging ton 60 down bellmawr. 66 in town. and 53 up to hudson valley by poughkeepsie. back to 54 monticello. upper 40's but not as cool as it was. and you can see, why, our temperature gain, 4 to 10 degrees. so the wind is light out of the north-northwest or gone calm and stay
10:45 pm
a light northed west wind coming back at us tomorrow. upper 50's topper 6's. boston at 58 and philly at 67 and pittsburgh coming in at 65 so a nice temperature there. some high clouds i spoke of kind of race aring across the sky but not going to do much at all. behind me, you see what is left willing of joaquin. still 80 miles per hour storm good news there. the north and south carolina rain system finally i moving away. dry and take another week before the floodwaters really recede down to where they should be. all right. this little cloud patch that is a cold front coming through. very weak in mature though. a couple of clouds thenle little cooler on thursday. the next rains just arriving. that system will come or way by the time we get to later friday and friday night. 80's and southwest tomorrow. across the deep south back to atlanta. western in the mid mel 70's here tomorrow. that is nice. then our day manner shows a few clouds. 50's in the burbs going out the door.
10:46 pm
you will see this on the future look good and meanly sunny tomorrow. spoke of. it is foc sunny weather on thursday. just sneaking dune couple of degrees into the upper 60's then the system from the west promises to be a bring a little bit of rain later look now. it will continue to move of along here. so just a shower early saturday then it is better. some clouds tonight. not as cool as it has been. 40 tee mid 508's. sunny and mild tomorrow. 74 and enjoy. we are at 68 or so or 69 opp thursday. that is food with sunshine and a little season friday morning. up the clouds went out. the rain noid to late afternoon. it should get out of here by 8:00 saturday lots of sun. a bit breezy. the rest of the holiday weekend still looks awesome. sunday, 71 co am puss. we should be in the low 70's on tuesday. >> that is as good as it >> amazing. it is fascinate hough long it takes for the warm-up to take place. a slow steady feel. it comes after the
10:47 pm
chilly weekend. yeah. for sure. that is true. all right. thank you. sport is next. russ goes one-on-one with rob manford. you, yourself, have said we need give a fresh consideration to legalize gambling. >> there is a place for are fantasy sport and legalized gambling in baseball. what the come messing has tells us, coming up. >> i am ines rosales the toyota traffic tracker. the right lane and shoulder will be closed to construction from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. street cleaning rules are bang effect.
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reporter: all right. how are you doing everyone. tonight is part two of the exclusive interview. we be grin we left off last night talking pete rose. >> pete rose remains out of baseball for the time being because of gambling. you need give a fresh
10:51 pm
legalize gambling. >> to me, gambling is still gambling. i dobb think that base fall's stance that illegal am gambling certainly and some kind of legalized gambling meaning sport books could be detrimental to the inning think of game. >> how to you also have sponsorship deals with sports status and the operators such as drift kings. right. >> is there a cut in still invites younger people whether it is 18-year-old age limit or not to get them involved in gam strike in well, first of all, it is important to remember that legally, the games on draft kings that we licensed the use of our marks for are not gambling under the federal statute that governs this area. they are considered fantasy or games of skills. second hi really important to remember that what happens on
10:52 pm
fan goes in and picks a number of players were different teams wan set of guidelinance accumulates points and not like on draft king someone is betting on the outdevelop mets-phillies' game. that is not what happens. i see a huge disstrings between those two types of activities. >> see the reason i asked as kid growing up in brooklyn. i remember how gambling started with the littlest innocent you can compete in a schoolyard. >> and it escalates and my only concern is not just about major league ways ball, all fantasy sports, it is something that gets kids start and i know how pointer is to. >> fundamentally. i seize fantasy as a game and the fantasy sites as game with a prize associated with it. and i think that is different than i know it is different than a true gam ling operation where
10:53 pm
at risk for the paypack. >> and i don't know that. just like alcoholism starts with a little drink, gambling adirection can start as innocently and then boom all right. up to the pron wex go. american league wildcard winner take all. pot tom two. he crashes the pitch saying pi bye, so long, farewell, solo pom leading off the second inning. making a as strohs one. ranks can nothing. then leading off the force. it will be gomez also unloading on tanaka. pi pi, so long, farewell for another solo bomb and makes them score 2 on and it he is now 3-0 astros in the eighth so time running out taste on the 2015 yankees. >> finally. one game playoff. that is excitesing. it is amazing. >> all right. thank you, russ. that will do it for us tonight. >> all right. see you tomorrow.
10:54 pm
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